Intimate Talk With Tolu started off on Facebook. Within few months, it gained overwhelming popularity with thousands of fans spread all over the world. The positive response and testimonies on the Facebook fan page was a push to start the Television program. On the 12th of May, 2012, Intimate Talk With Tolu kicked off on RSTV Port Harcourt and has since then became part of every life and family in the South-South/East region of Nigeria. Currently the show has spread to various Television and Radio stations across Nigeria and abroad.


  1. Intimate Talk With Tolu is currently the most popular show in the South-South/East. The above statement is not an exaggeration as the show has become part of every life that even petrol attendants in the region knows that people troop in to filling station every Saturday nights to get fuel for generator in order not to miss any episode of the show.
  2. Tolu has a fan base of close to 40,000 on Facebook who are so dedicated and loyal to her and the show, this is because it has assisted people in their everyday life, relationship and marriage. These are fans who has 100% confident in her and will not hesitate to be loyal to any product/services been advertised on the show.
  3. Intimate Talk With Tolu has become a part of peoples lives that they are willing to give up anything to watch every episode. During the first episode of the show, there were about 52 missed calls within ten minutes of announcing the phone number, today, Tolu received average of 400 calls and not less than 100 text messages per episode (this could be verified from the mobile communication company), with hundreds of messages through E-Mails and Facebook messages.
  4. Intimate Talk With Tolu is a very peculiar show because its dealing with crucial relationship, marital and sexual issues that affects people lives on a daily basis. The show answers questions no one seems to have answers to, and thread the dreaded path.
  5. Tolu herself is like a brand that has become like an Oprah of Nigeria Television; she’s loved by all and her opinion is well trusted and respected. Any product advertised on Tolu’s show will definitely become the brand of the fans.
    1. We have lost counts of testimonies of people whose life has been touched by this program, some of this can be found on our testimonials page in this website.