Intimate Talk with Tolu is a weekly one hour life / 3O Minutes show in various Television and Radio Stations across Nigeria and beyond. A topic is treated per day by Tolu, deeply teaching, expatiating and lecturing the audience. There is an interactive section where people call/text/E-mail in asking question about the topic of the day or any other issues they need answer to relating to relationship, sex and marriage.

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Welcome on board: This is the opening segment where the show welcomes the viewers with motivational and inspirational counseling tips on general life issues with emphasis on relationship, sex and marriage.

Tolu’s Tips: This is the segment that gives two tips per week on general well being, these include beauty tips, kitchen tips, bedroom tips, tips on etiquette and courtesy etc

My opinion: Voice pop and recorded opinion of ordinary people from various streets, homes and offices about the topic of the day is on this segment

Topic of the day: In-depth teaching about relationship, sex and marriage. Here, various topics affecting people relationship, marriage and sex life they can’t find answers too are thoroughly elaborated. Examples of topics include: how to make a man happy, steps to perfect French kiss, different categories of wives, how to touch a woman breast etc.

Ask Tolu: People phone in, send text messages or E-mail here to ask questions regarding any problem they might be facing in their relationship, marriage and sex life and Tolu gives through explanation and straight answers to the questions.
Food for thought: A closing remark of quotable quotes.

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