Meet Dr Tolu Oko-igaire

Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire(Hons.) is a professional clinical relationship and marriage counselor, sex therapist, family life coach and matchmaker. She’s the first ever internationally certified counselor and sex therapist in this part of the world. Doctor Tolu is passionate about helping people to find answers to their questions in other to find lasting happiness, like she usually says, counseling for her is a calling and she doesn’t believe there’s any relationship or marriage that cannot be worked on.
Dr. Tolu has been in the business of building homes and mending relationships for over a decade now, a lot of marriages at the verge of divorce have been restored through her counseling services and her popular Television and Radio talk show, Intimate Talk With Tolu has touched millions of lives across the world.

She has connected countless numbers of people to their heart robs through her organized, professional result oriented matchmaking services and a lot of people were able to smile down the aisle through her uncommon services. Intimate matchmaking is not just another matchmaking service, it is a special service that was put together through years of research in order to link people with their most compatible match and eventually reduce the rate of divorce in the long run. She has also helped a lot of HIV positive individuals who are finding it difficult to get the right partner through her specialized matchmaking service for people in this category.

Dr. Tolu has put smiles in the faces of countless number of couples who are going through sexual issues in their marriages through her professionally organized sex therapy. She has been able to break the killing silence of taboo about sex and encourages openness and realness between couples, through her a lot of couples have been able to bring back the spark in their bedroom and reignite the fire of their passion..
She is the publisher of “IS” Magazine (Intimate Solution Magazine), a magazine that deals with the day to day relationship, marital and sexual issues that are being faced by individuals. The magazine is centered on how to be successful in every phase of life, it throws light on how to balance things up and still achieve the desired result.
Dr. Tolu has spoken in different programs all around the world, from workshops to couples dinners, youth programs, singles events, women program, men program, end of the year parties etc. She has also organized a lot of workshops both in Nigeria and abroad and has spoken in various churches and corporate organizations around the world. A lot of corporate bodies have keyed into her specialized boardroom/bedroom negotiation skills workshop to improve the level of productivity in their organization. She has also helped a lot of spiritual leaders through her workshop on ministers’ wife and sexuality, an area where a lot of religious leaders are having issues.

Dr. Tolu is the founder and Principal of The Institute of Counseling in nigeria ICN, a non for profit institution she started as a result of increasing demand in the number of interested individuals who wish to become professional counselors. The institute started as an arm of the Television and Radio show, Intimate Talk With Tolu, the aim was to train individuals who can rise to the challenge of increasing demand for professional counselor in our society. ICN is the first of its kind in this part of the world as there’s no other place one can acquire certificates in the field of specialized counseling such as marriage counseling, youth counseling, crisis counseling, bereavement counseling etc.
Over the years, Dr. Tolu has gained experience on the job and acquired remarkable knowledge, which makes her stand out among her equals all over the world.

Dr. Tolu has a national diploma certificate in food science and technology from the then Ondo State Polytechnic Owo, she later bagged a first class upper honorary degree in Economics from University of Ado Ekiti before getting her Masters Degree in Financial Economics from the Universityof Port Harcourt.
She has Diploma from Divine Power Bible College Ado Ekiti, Certificate in Counseling from The Counseling Institute Scotland; she also has Certificate in Grief and Bereavement Counseling, Certificate in Crisis Counseling, Certificate in Coaching, Certificate in Couples and Family Counseling and Diploma in Counseling all from The Institute of Counseling Scotland. She also has certificate in human sexuality from Zur Institute, Sonoma Carlifonia. She has honorary doctorate degree in counseling from The Development Institute of Counseling Los Angeles.

Dr. Tolu is the Pioneer and Secretary, board of directors, Association for Counseling, Psychotherapy & Matchmaking of Nigeria and she’s a member of international association of marriage and family counselors iAMFC.
Dr. Tolu has received numerous awards both in Nigeria and abroad and she’s surely a force to reckon with in the field of counseling and psychotherapy. She doesn’t joke with the ethics of counseling and with her 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.

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